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The surrogacy process enables couples to get biological child if they are not in position to have one maybe because of being unable to conceive or keep your pregnancy sustained to the nine months period. Surrogacy process gives the couples a chance to deal with the process and link them with others who believe in the same provide them with a match that will fit to their characteristics they desire. Surrogacy is the process where by the mother undertakes fertilization where the embryo is transferred to enhance pregnancy.

Let's have a step by step explanation on the physiological and physical aspects that is involved in the surrogacy process that will give more details. There are two types of the surrogacy process which are; Gestational Surrogacy and Traditional Surrogacy. Gestational Surrogacy is where by the mother goes through in vitro fertilization and the embryo moved to enhance pregnancy. In this very process the Gestational Surrogacy, the sperms are neither for the intended father nor are the egg not for the mother. This will mean that the expected child will not have any links genetically with the surrogate mother.

There are certain aspects that will be undertaken to evaluate your medical status such as sexual transmitted disease testing, determination of your progesterone levels, psychology evaluation well also be done and many more. Gestational surrogacy is whereby the mother conceives her pregnancy through egg donation from an intended mother. The traditional surrogacy, the donated sperms is usually from the father but the mother will be made pregnant through artificial insemination thus the eggs will be the one from the surrogate mother. Profiles will be provided so that the surrogate get what fit to their needs, agree on the profile to review and use. Phone calls can also be arranged for both parties if you wish to speak to the person and arrangements can also be done for a face to face meeting. A background investigation can also be conducted thus if both parties agree to work together arrangements can be made for legal representations to give guidance through the drafting of a binding contract between the parties.

After a successful match psychological and medical testing to determine that the intended parent is fit and healthy enough to see the pregnancy through the full term required. The medical testing will include: Determining the Uterus shape and size, fallopian tube will be checked to ascertain that they are clear, testing of hepatitis, confirmation to show that both parties are free from sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS etc. once all the relevant tests are conducted both parties are willing to work with each other they are advised to work with an agency that will be recommended to put together the agreement contract. Once that is done the parents are intended to fund for the medical process to commence. Synchronization of the donors' egg circle will be controlled with birth control pills. After a fourteen day period with birth control pills the uterus will be ready to receive the embryo.

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Surrogacy Process

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