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In most of the situations while developing and maintaining the software (software creation, software maintenance, testing the software etc) it is really true to say that "Process" is more important than "Product". As people derive more satisfaction from the 'Creative Process' as they do from 'The End Product'.

It is because a successful and good product i.e. End Product can be developed if and only if the product development is done by means of the most appropriate and best Process. If the process is not as much appropriate then the End Product will undoubtedly suffer.

Processes are used for the proper development of a good product and as well as for the Reuse of products which increase the 'Software Practitioner' satisfaction and also the 'Urgency' for acceptance of 'Duality of Process and Product'.

There is a wide range of Process Models relating to a wide variety of Processes. For example Water fall/ Sequential Process Model, Incremental Process Model, Prototype Process Model and others.

The importance of a successful process can be determined by thousands of routine life examples. For instance, a writer enjoys the search for proper metaphor as much as the 'Finished Book' In the same way, an artist enjoys the brush strokes as much as he enjoys the 'Framed' results. And also "Process and Product Duality" is a very significant concept for successful software development. As the Duality of product and process is one of the important element in keeping creative people engaged as the transition from programming to software engineering is finalized.

So, for a successful and triumphant development of a Product, an appropriate and efficient Process is very essential as it plays a vital and indispensable role throughout the product development. And by means of an appropriate process, a product after its successful development can be updated, modernized and well-run for future enhancement and augmentation.

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Process and Product

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This article was published on 2010/04/02