Does Your Process Server Provide Locator Service?

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The court system would be much more efficient if everyone who needed to be served with papers was simply always available or would respond quickly to notifications.  Unfortunately, however, people who know they are being served with subpoenas, eviction notices, and other legal documents often work very hard to avoid being served with such papers.  Many people will move and leave no forwarding address or use other tactics to avoid being served.  If this is true of people in your case, you need to ask yourself if your current Dover process server offers locator service.

Whether you are dealing with someone who has skipped town, someone located at the end of a long and confusing paper trail, or someone for whom you have very little information to go on, you need a service that has the expertise and experience alike to help you locate the individual. This includes not only the ability to check out current addresses, but to provide the search services and skip tracing needed to locate the current whereabouts of the person in question.  When your case hinges on serving paperwork, you don't have endless time to hope that the person shows up or contacts you.

When you have chosen the right Dover process server, you will find that there is much that can be done to help locate the people who are essential to your case.  This can include extensive search procedures, nationwide and foreign services, and much more.  A qualified team will know what has to be done to find the people you need and will have the extensive experience necessary to help people find virtually anyone.  Skip tracing can be a very necessary part of process serving, and you need a team that has access to all of the right tools and resources to make it effective.

Whether the person you are looking for is missing on purpose or just hard to track down, you will find that the right Dover process server will be able to help you locate them.  Your cases shouldn't be overly complicated due to defendants who seem to have fallen off of the map.  With the best servers working for you, your recipients can be located and served as quickly as possible.  Whether you are looking to serve someone with a subpoena or help track down a will's beneficiary, the right process serving team can make your job much, much easier.

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Does Your Process Server Provide Locator Service?

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    Stephen Smiroldo- 2010/12/29 04:52:37 am

    I concur, finding great services is not necessarily difficult the problem is finding affordable services that do not lack in quality. I am a process server based out of San Diego, but also do business throughout a majority of Southern California. I offer plenty of services including attorney services. If anyone would like some help or if I can answer any questions I will be more than willing too. My company, eServe, can be reached through my website, Process Server or you can reply here. Thank you.

This article was published on 2010/12/29