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There are many products that people use every day without thinking. People do not spend much time thinking about cups, toothbrushes, or chairs. Yet, everyone uses these products on a regular basis. Many people may not realize how many products they use which contain tin. Tin is often used in food containers, which a lot of people see every day. Few people know how this product is manufactured. They may not ponder it often, but it is interesting to see exactly how tin came to be used as it is today.

Tin was first mined in Turkey over 5000 years ago. When combined with bronze, it was used to manufacture many weapons. Tin was used worldwide soon after. Before the 1500's tin was being used in Latin America as well. The United States is not a lead manufacturer of tin.

Tin must be mined. To obtain tin, people must remove it from ore. There are several different types of ore from which tin can be obtained. However, the standard ore is called cassiterite. The refining process to get the tin requires other materials as well. People can use salt, limestone, or coal. Some of the mines which contain tin are very deep in the Earth. They require tunnels just to reach them. Other sources for ore are located near water and require pumps rather than tunnels.

The ore obtained through tunneling contains up to 1% tin whereas the tin obtained through pumping only contains .015%. Both are considered to be low-grade level. The ore must go through several processes to be refined. It can go through vibration to get rid of large materials, water to get rid of anything that will float, and through other chemicals which cause the tin to rise. Then, it is dried and goes through a magnet to get rid of iron. After this entire process the ore transforms from 1% or less tin to up to 77% tin. The tin then goes through chemical reactions to remove other impurities using the products discussed earlier. The crude tin must then be refined.

Tin takes quite the process to obtain! The discussion here has only made it to the refinement process. After that, the tin must go through further steps to before it is in the form that people see it in. Who knew the long process that has to be done to make a simple food container!

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Creating Everyday Tin Products

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This article was published on 2011/08/16