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Metals are prone to corrosion by rusting. There are several ways of preventing this, but when it comes to aluminum, anodizing is the best process. It can be defined as an electrochemical procedure that converts the surface of the metal into a durable and corrosion resistant oxide finish. Although the process was discovered for aluminum, it is now also used for some other metals to make them resistant to corrosion and increase durability.

Keirton Manufacturing Ltd is one of the companies that carries out this process for industrial and other purposes. Anodizing is carried out in industrial plants by immersing the aluminum into an acid electrolyte solution and passing an electric current through it. This is called an anodizing tank, where a cathode is mounted to the inside while the aluminum (the piece of metal to be anodized) acts as an anode. The oxygen atoms that are released from the electrolyte solution combine with the surface atoms of the aluminum surface creating a layer of oxide.

Therefore in one way it can be stated as highly controlled oxidation, which is somewhat like an enhancement of naturally occurring phenomenon. Keirton Mfg is one of those companies that has the requisite infrastructure for carrying out this task. Anodizing is an electrochemical process and hence it is different than simple and plain coating. This is why the effects are permanent, and better. It also provides the hardness to the metal.

Anodizing is highly economical as compared to the coating of aluminum in a wide range of applications. The metal becomes easier to handle and modify after anodizing. The electrochemical process carried out at Keirton Manufacturing works due to the porous nature of the aluminum and toughens it by giving the protective anodized layer.

At companies like Keirton, anodizing is also used for color stability of the metal. It is done by latent of colored anodizing dye. It seeps into the porous aluminum; because of this it appears like the color is a part of metal itself. This can also generate unique artistic effects with striking colors. This is prime reason that the anodizing process is outsourced to companies that are experts at this.

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Anodizing - Needs and Process

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This article was published on 2012/02/08